Jewish Museum of Maryland Exhibit Explores Themes of Security – JMORE

Date: December 16, 2021 Source: Jmore URL: Among the items exhibited in “A Fence Around the Torah” are “The Book of Life” ceramic by Val Schlosberg and the “A Rose Among Thorns: Herem” woodblock print by Judith Joseph. (Provided by Jewish Museum of Maryland) More than three years after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the deadliest attack on a Jewish … Read More

A First Step: LGBTQ+ and the Frum Community

Date: September 27, 2021 Source: Jewish Link URL: ! By Rabbi Yisrael Motzen/ | September 27, 2021 She hadn’t spoken to her parents in 27 years. Her siblings had intervened, her uncles and aunts had tried to reason with them, but her parents were adamant, their daughter is not lesbian. When a child sits her parents down on the … Read More

Louise Parker Kelley returns to the age of AIDS 

Date: August 6, 2021 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: Louise Parker Kelley is a prominent member of the LGBTQ community in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. (Courtesy of Louise Parker Kelley) ! Four decades ago, Louise Parker Kelley feared that all her friends were going to die. It was the dawn of the AIDS epidemic, and Kelley, a prominent and … Read More

Synagogues and Summer Camps Receive Help to Support LGBTQ Youth – JMORE

Date: June 23, 2021 Source: Jmore URL: Keshet staff are shown conducting an LGBTQ sensitivity and inclusion training session in a New York synagogue. (Keshet, via JTA) This story was sponsored by and produced in partnership with UJA-Federation of New York, which cares for Jews everywhere and New Yorkers of all backgrounds, responds to crises close to home and … Read More

Sarah Pinsker spreads her message through writing and music 

Date: June 18, 2021 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: Sarah Pinsker is an award-winning science fiction writer. (Karen Osborne) ! Growing up, Sarah Pinsker moved around a lot to places like New York, Chicago, Texas and Toronto, but one thing always stayed the same: her passion for writing and music. Now, Pinsker, 44, writes science fiction. Her novels and … Read More

Inside the mind of Justin Fair 

Date: June 10, 2021 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: By Justin Regan Every artist has their canvas. For community planner Justin Orlando Fair, that canvas is the city and people of Baltimore. For him, the art of urban planning is more than just prettying up the town he was raised in. It’s about using the craft as a means … Read More

You Should Know … Dana Kobrin – Baltimore Jewish Times

Date: June 4, 2021 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: Dana Kobrin is getting her master’s in social work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and is a Moishe House Baltimore resident. Meet the newest resident of Moishe House Baltimore. Dana Kobrin, 25, moved to Baltimore last month. She is getting her master’s in social work from the University of … Read More

Intersectionality takes center state at Queer Jewish Arts Festival 

Date: May 20, 2021 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: There’s a line from the Broadway musical “Billy Elliot” that describes dancing as losing yourself while being made whole. For Baltimore theater veteran Timoth Copney, this best summarizes his beloved craft. “It’s the physicality of it. It’s the way of expressing yourself through movement, the kinetic energy you can create … Read More

What does a growing number of ‘Jews of no religion’ mean for the community?

Date: May 19, 2021 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: Some American Jews identify more with Judaism culturally than religiously (yula/iStock/Getty Images Plus) !×1360.jpg Though the results from Pew Research Center’s new study on Jewish identity were not surprising to Jewish professionals, some feel they highlight the importance of engaging Jewish community members in nontraditional ways. On May 11, Pew … Read More

JCC of Greater Baltimore to Host Inaugural Queer Jewish Arts Festival – JMORE

Date: May 17, 2021 Source: Jmore URL: A scene from “Indecent,” starring Susan Lynskey and Emily Shackelford, when the Paula Vogel play was presented at Baltimore Center Stage in 2019. (Photo by Stanley Photography) For the first time ever, Baltimore’s Jewish community will present a festival celebrating LGBTQIA+ stories and experiences through film, theater, music, literature and dance. From … Read More