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We are a network of LGBTQ+ individuals with many circles. Browse our maps and lists of synagogues, clergy, studies, as well as a list of local and national groups and resources. For an additional list of our recent grantees, click here


Looking for shuls to attend? Here are some helpful resources; contact us if you'd like company! You can also browse a more extensive list of affirming shuls here.

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Looking for available clergy who can perform LGBTQ lifecycle events? Here are some helpful resources. This list is edited routinely:

JPride Baltimore's LGBTQ-friendly Baltimore/DC Rabbis and Congregations List

Note: This list does not include orthodox shuls. For information on welcoming orthodox shuls, please visit the Eshel Welcoming Shuls Project.

(We also recommend browsing Keshet's Equality Directory--in case there's someone we haven't met yet!)

Have any clergy to add to our list? Please contact us with your suggestions.

JPride is planning a Needs Assessment in 2022. In the meantime, browse our Reports/Surveys database for focus groups and other studies regarding LGBTQ+ Jews

See our full list of Baltimore-area organizations and places that our advisory board and partners have LGBTQ+ contacts at. For direct referrals, please ask!

Baltimore Area:

- Cultural Centers

- Secular Organizations

- Legal Organizations

- National OrganizationsInterested in general reading, guides for how to navigate LGBTQ+ life, and more online? Visit Keshet National's Resource Library.

- Plus browse these directories to continue your learning