Quick 5: JPride’s Adam Landy – JMORE

Date: March 18, 2019

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Quick 5: JPride’s Adam Landy – JMORE

Adam Landy, board member of JPride, stands in his Baltimore home. (Photo by Steve Ruark)

It’s been more than four months since JPride Baltimore — formerly known as JQ Baltimore — celebrated its relaunch. JPride is Jewish Baltimore’s LGBTQ outreach, education and support organization. Adam Landy, 29, has been actively involved with the group’s renaissance and relaunch. When he’s not involved with JPride activities, Landy, a Rochester, N.Y., native who resides in the Remington area, is pursuing a master’s degree in accounting at University of Maryland University College.

What is JPride’s mission?

JPride Baltimore helps to create safe spaces and equality for LGBTQ individuals and their families within the Jewish community through support, education and advocacy.

Why the relaunch?

JPride is in the process of transitioning from the lay organization we were as JQ Baltimore to a professionally run nonprofit organization. The group’s mission will remain the same.

Our name change also signals that we are sensitive to peers who might have been confused or offended by our former name. The “Q” in JQ Baltimore stood for “queer,” and for some people that word carries negative connotations.

Why is there a need for JPride in Baltimore?

For the most part, religious Jews who are LGBT in the community have no voice. When I came out of the closet, I was faced with a challenging dilemma — I could be part of the gay community or the Jewish community. There was no overlap, or so I thought. That’s how JPride helps not only me but others like me. If we can help just one person who identifies as both Jewish and LGBT be a part of both worlds, then we will have succeeded.

Is JPride planning anything for Purim?

There is a JPride Purim event that is currently in the planning phase. We are partnering with Charm City Tribe, the Moishe House and Repair the World. [Charm City Tribe program director] Jake Max is organizing the event.

Will there be an LGBT Passover seder this year?

The LGBT Seder is an incredible and inclusive event we help put together every year in partnership with the Bolton Street Synagogue. Anyone looking for a place to share in the festivities will have a place at this model seder. It is taking place on April 11 at 6:30 p.m., with the RSVP date being April 7. We’re preparing for a lot of exciting things to come. Stay tuned!!

For information about JPride, visit jpridebaltimore.org.

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