Grant Announcement: Hinenu Education Programs: Queer Affirming Relationships and Sex Ed

This grant will fund queer affirming relationship and sex education at Hinenu’s religious school, Beit Hinenu. This spring we are piloting a program for our teen students, at their request, to talk about relationships and intimacy through a Jewish lens. Hinenu is 50% LGBTQIA+ identified, and we are honored that our young people want to have a space to talk about relationships, consent, and intimacy. Synagogues should be places where the fullness of our lives can be present, and we are thrilled to create a safe queer, trans, and sex positive environment for our young people as they, at an age appropriate level, have needs for these conversations. JPride’s support would enable us to take this spring’s pilot of just 2 months and grow it into a larger program. Our goal is to model off of the Unitarian Universalist’s “Our Whole Lives” curriculum, with education at every age level appropriate to developmental goals (learning about consent and body autonomy as young children, puberty, etc. as they grow, as well as learning for adults).

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