Press Release: JPride Baltimore Shares Jewish LGBTQ+ Community Stakeholder Market Research


Baltimore, MD – JPride Baltimore is pleased to share the findings and recommendations of its qualitative needs assessment market research. Findings and Recommendations will be shared broadly with leaders and stakeholders in Baltimore Jewish institutions and organizations. The Needs Assessment explored the social, recreational, spiritual, educational, and cultural needs of self-identifying Baltimore LGBTQ+ (“queer”) Jews. Led by research project leader Louise Zirretta, a career market research professional who graciously and generously led the report task force, the project produced a thorough, informative set of findings and recommendations. Once collected, initial findings were discussed via an online listening session in late May 2022, at which those in attendance described quotes from interviews as powerful, meaningful, and nuanced.

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Please take note of the Executive Summary (Page 7) and the Conclusions and Recommendations (Page 30).

Research Methodology

The research team of 5 individuals, 2 members of the queer community and 3 allies conducted in-depth interviews over Zoom. Segments included Youth (under 21), Young Adults (21-40), Midlife (41-64), Retired (65+), and Orthodox Parents of Queer People. Each interview with 22 individuals, captured between October 31st and December 14th, 2022, was approximately 45 – 55 minutes in length. Each interview followed a discussion guide developed specifically for the respondent segment, and was based on addressing the study objectives. Furthermore, recordings were made of each interview, with respondent permission, and verbatim transcripts were produced in order to afford rigorous analysis of findings.

The report objectives included how to:

  1. Explore the ways respondents “live” and experience their Jewish selves both communally and as self-expressed;
  2. Identify current Baltimore Jewish programs, events and services in which respondents have participated and/or are aware of;
  3. Identify Jewish points of contact respondents cite as engendering a “feeling or sense of belonging” or a “feeling or sense of alienation;”
  4. Uncover unmet needs: needed/desired Jewish community interests/support that would enable broadening experiences of their Jewish community engagement; and
  5. Understand respondents’ vision of what it is like to be queer and Jewish in Baltimore and what should it be like, ideally, to be queer in the Baltimore Jewish community.

JPride Baltimore hopes to stimulate conversations and commitments in collaboration with local queer Jews that will result in a vital, inclusive and queer-welcoming Jewish community. For more information, visit 

Contact: Justin Fair, JPride Baltimore, Board Chair. (410) 417-7453

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