Neely Tal Snyder JPride Seed Grant

For Jewish Charitable Organizations and Groups


The Neely Tal Snyder JPride Seed Grant is our key fund available at this time. The Seed Grant is available to applicants from the Greater Baltimore Jewish Community in order to further JPride’s mission of creating safe spaces and equality for LGBTQ individuals and their families within the Jewish community through support, education and advocacy.



Neely was a co-founder of JPride Baltimore. These grants are intended to seed projects that will root JPride’s vision across Baltimore and spread Neely’s passionate commitment to social justice and her goal of creating and sustaining a welcoming Jewish community where all people--regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression--are treated with dignity and respect.


Ultimately the hope is for attitudes to be changed and bridges built through education and continuing dialogue.


JPride has sought to build bridges and relationships in the Baltimore Jewish community. This chapter of micro grants will help empower others to champion JPride’s mission by creating innovation within their smaller and our larger Baltimore Jewish community.


Like the image of the shamash (the helper candle) on Chanukkah, these grants will help to spread the flame of justice and compassion, making Baltimore’s Jewish community a kinder and more welcoming space for all LGBTQ individuals and their families. It is our hope that these projects will contribute to the changing climate of tolerance in our community, and will reflect our traditions values of “Hachnasat orchim”, welcoming others.



Grants Funded to Date
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JPride Baltimore expects to award 1-12 grants a year; average award is between $500-$1,000; no more than $9,000 total in funding will be awarded across applicants in a calendar year. Groups must be affiliated with non-profit organizations to receive funds.


Completed applications must be submitted electronically using our short Google Form. Applications are open and rolling. Where successful, applicants will be notified of awarded funds within one month of receipt of the application. Funds must be spent within 12 months of the application submission.


We generally fund

  • Program support
  • Equipment
  • Capital purchases
  • Direct costs
  • Technical assistance

JPride generally does not fund the following:

  • General operating support
  • Costs or fees to table at an event

We want you to be successful! Please feel free to talk with us after you begin brainstorming (on the following tab). For questions about the grant application, please email