Grant Announcement: Queer Jewish Arts Festival at Jewish Community Center of Baltimore

In honor of Pride Month this June, join us for a series of programs celebrating multiple facets of our identities — including gender, race, religion and class — through the arts. This festival will highlight local, national, and international artists who are making art with Queer and Jewish content and examine the complexity of how we present ourselves and move throughout life. This year, the Queer Jewish Arts Festival will include 3 events –

  1. Glitter, Gefilte, Guilt and Guts: Stories by people who are Jewish, Queer, and Here Stoop Stories at the Creative Alliance – June 1st
  2. Judy Gold, stand up comedian as part of the Gordon Summer Season 3.
  3. Gallery show by a Jewish Queer Artist

QJAF of 2023 will be on the road, in the gallery and in the Gordon. We are thrilled to be partnering with Stoop Stories for an evening of storytelling at the Creative Alliance, a downtown entertainment venue. In addition, we are welcoming Judy Gold, an incredible stand up comedian that will be part of the Gordon Summer Season. Finally, we will be welcoming a Jewish Queer Artist to kick off the fall season in our Meyerhoff gallery. This year, we have expanded our planning committee to include teens – to bring new voices and perspectives of young queer Jews. Moving off site is a really exciting development. We hope to reach new audiences, build community and expand our impact. We are gathering our partners, but presume to partner with many local synagogues as well as local Maryland Pride organizations. We expact in the range of 10-20 partners local and possibly national as in past years.

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