Grant Announcement: Inclusion Training with Keshet with Pearlstone Center

The Pearlstone Center is proposing an LGBTQ Inclusion Training with Zora Berman, Education Program Assistant at Keshet. Pearlstone estimates 35-40 of our staff members will participate.

We will encourage participation from staff that interact with guests at every level, including front office, hospitality, program educators, senior staff, facilities, and others.

This training will help to create safe spaces and equality of LGBTQ individuals and families at Pearlstone by addressing issues such as:

  • Building a list of terms
  • Gender as a Social Construct
  • Use of Pronouns
  • Jewish Values of Inclusion
  • What Does Inclusivity Look Like?
  • What Does a Community that Practices Inclusivity Look Like And Do?
    This training will enable Pearlstone to move from a tolerant and inclusive community to one that embraces and actively nurtures the contributions of LGBTQ individuals.

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