Press Release: JPride Baltimore Shares Jewish LGBTQ+ Community Stakeholder Market Research

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 10 2023  Baltimore, MD – JPride Baltimore is pleased to share the findings and recommendations of its qualitative needs assessment market research. Findings and Recommendations will be shared broadly with leaders and stakeholders in Baltimore Jewish institutions and organizations. The Needs Assessment explored the social, recreational, spiritual, educational, and cultural needs of self-identifying Baltimore LGBTQ+ (“queer”) … Read More

2023 Grants Update

Good Afternoon, The Board of JPride Baltimore is pleased to share its list of 2023 grantees. Our grants committee task force reviews projects throughout the year proposed by local charitable orgs, with an average award of $500-$1,000. No more than $9,000 is awarded in a calendar year. Our fund is a donor advised fund of the Associated. Some grantees’ activities … Read More

May 22 Board Meeting and Needs Assessment Open Listening Session

You’re Invited: JPride Open Meeting Mon. May 22 8-9:30pm Needs Assessment Listening Session The Fall Needs Assessment is almost ready to be published! Join the JPride community and the public as we hear project highlights, led by Research Project Leader Louise Zirretta, a career market research professional who graciously and generously leads our report task force. We’ll get the document … Read More

New Group Chat on Facebook

Date: February 5, 2023 Hi all, JPride has started an opt-in group chat. It’s an easier way on-the-side from the main ‘Baltimore Jewish LGBTQ Group‘ news feed that acts like a bulletin board, to informally talk and get to know one another, outside of attending grantee and community events. Join our Facebook Group : Also, in addition to JPride’s … Read More

You Should Know … Hannah Shem-Tov – Baltimore Jewish Times

Date: December 14, 2022 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: You Should Know … Malka Svei Malka Svei, 26, is passionate about science and research. (Courtesy of Malka Svei) Svei grew up in Lakewood, N.J., and received her undergraduate degree in psychology at Touro University’s Lander College for Women. She then worked as a research assistant at Cornell University’s Weill … Read More

You Should Know … Rachel Siegel

Date: July 27, 2022 Source: Baltimore Jewish Times URL: You Should Know … Rachel Siegel Rachel Siegel, 24, creates Jewish-themed programming as part of Repair the World Baltimore and works to advocate for the LGBTQ community. (Courtesy of Rachel Siegel) Siegel, who is nonbinary and uses she/they pronouns, has always been very passionate about social justice. She attended her … Read More