Who We Are

Hint: First and foremost, we're people who support YOU


JPride Baltimore helps to create safe spaces and equality for LGBTQ individuals and their families within the Jewish community through support, education and advocacy.


Baltimore’s Jewish community will be welcoming and inclusive for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) individuals, families and allies. JPride will be considered a vital and integral part of the Jewish community’s organizational life.

JPride will be funded at a level that enables the organization to support the needs of all LGBTQ people and their families. LGBTQ individuals, rather than feeling ostracized in the Baltimore Jewish community, will be equal and celebrated members of the community.


We believe that...

  • Everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, is created b’tzelem Elokim (in the image of God) and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • No LGBTQ person or their family should feel scared, at risk, or alone
  • There is always a space to learn and gain understanding. We can help to create that space.
  • Through education and continuing dialogue, attitudes can change and bridges can be built.
  • People can treat others with dignity without compromising their religious beliefs.


  • Guide LGBTQ Jewish individuals and families to resources that offer affirmation and empowerment.
  • Create a Jewish LGBTQ community with safe spaces for positive social and spiritual interactions for individuals and their families.


  • Enrich and enhance the Jewish identities of LGBTQ individuals so that their voices will be heard and valued in the local community.
  • Inform the Jewish community about LGBTQ needs and foster diversity in the Jewish community.


  • Advance human and civil rights for LGBTQ individuals and their families in the Jewish community.
  • Provide information and support to clergy and other Jewish professional and lay leaders so that they may engage in work around inclusion.